Monday, August 10, 2009


Sean.. Update blog.. Why got nothing in your blog for this few months? Busy for what le? UPDATE!!!

Sean busy with a lots stuff during the holidays until now.. Good things & bad things, all mix around, but bad things i not going wrote here.. Hehe.. For personal stuff, Sean is busy hang out with friends yam cha and tidy up house.. At beginning, Sean can’t find a part time job.. Most of the time hang out with friends and stay at home helping mum clean the house, hoho.. Find out a lots childhood things, a bit stupid when go through.. Hahaha..

Celebrate my friend’s birthday

For part time stuff, Sean is busy attended Success Training Seminar (STS), Home Opportunity Meeting (HOM), meeting with sponsor and distribute flyers.. Sean stop stand to the notion before because he know that he won’t achieve his target if his continuous his life normally.. Sean join Herbalife International now.. A company with a mission to changing people’s life.. Sean is fat but can lost nearly 6kg and improve health in 2months.. Hoho.. Thanks to Herbalife.. For those wanna lose weight / gain weight / improve health or wanna join Work From Home can give me a call on 012-4793499.. To friends, welcome to call for nonsense talk.. Hehe..

This young man is Chris Lo, 28 years old from Hong Kong.. A millionaire who retire when 25 years old with currently monthly income of RM80k.. Wow.. So amazing, hope someday I would become another of him.. Hehe.. ^^

Book Fair Layout

I also work as MPH part time promoter in Village Mall, Sungai Petani for book fair during holidays.. Quite enjoy because never feel pressure, can walk around chatting and play the music I like when work, just legs will feel a bit pain only.. Besides, supervisor quite good to us, can go play Dota after work until 3-4am.. Hehe.. There is some people ask for selling the CDs that I play and some of my friends give me a name as Love Song Prince.. Haha..Last day of fair, we all tidy up until 5+am.. Very tired because we have to arrange into 3 Cargo hand-by-hand due to some technical problems.. 3 of my friends and me also got the chance go Taiping Sentral work.. Although just work for 1 hour, but we get RM70 pay each.. Hehe..

Wah.. 3 Cargo ar? Rest 1st..

Others stuff, Sean sacrifice few weeks holidays back University earlier to involve in University program - MINDS (Minggu Induksi Siswa).. For the first time, Sean joining university program and MINDS also first time handle fully by students and added community service.. Sean join as program coordinator.. Big responsibility cause every single slot is important and everything have to make sure run smoothly.. Sean learn a lots things, know more people, mature a bit and etc.. But sad, don’t have more chances to close to junior.. Haha.. Although there is lots of dissatisfaction, stress and tired, but Sean is happy because he gain a great experience in his university life..

Photo section (All)

It start with zero but end up with a sweet memories..

After back to Uni, my laptop broken.. Can’t even open, just black screen only.. Going Shah Alam head quarter repair, luckily under warranty.. If not, I have to pay for RM1300 replace new motherboard.. Thanks to KC fetch me around find that company.. Aiya.. Forget to treat you a meal, treat back later ya.. Hehe.. That day, I manage to buy myself a new shoes.. Although not branded but it look nice, finally I got new shoes.. Hehe..

All white.. nice?

After that, a new semester begin.. This semester a bit disorder, issue Kolej Kediaman 4 cause our house conference place (living room) have been capture become some people’s room and our house mess-up with LAN cabel.. We all can’t get used because can’t scream / laugh loudly or even run.. Issue main campus delaying make us suffer cause can’t get better situation / place to have class.. But now everything settle already.. Hehe..

Now look better and normal.. ^^v

Second week of semester, MINDS 2 for second intake students start.. Luckily just busy for few days only, not several weeks.. This time is about 200 students, much easier than 1600 students.. Quite relax compare MINDS 1, can smile much.. Haha.. Got people say I’m with black face when MINDS 1 in fact that is serious face, but never mind Sean not used to be like that..

Gemuruh song.. Last part act cute..Hehe

1 week before going study at main campus, Pekan.. My friends and I joining “Ying Xin Hui” which organized by Jawatankuasa Kebudayaan Cina (JKC) at beautiful temple “Wang Fo Dian” in Kuantan.. The program is expedite the relationship between senior and junior and is my first time joining JKC program.. Hehe.. Long time never going temple already, this time I got chance to 3 step a pray and patter.. Quite enjoy..

Photo Section (All)

My group.. ^^v

I going Shah Alam to take my laptop after 3 weeks repairing.. Finally I can use my laptop already, thanks to those who borrow me laptop for play game and browse internet.. But sad because all my data and picture all these years gone cause have to format without any backup.. I got chance to stay at my aunt’s house, go shopping with my sister and cousin them.. Lastly I treat them eat Pizza Hut.. Hehe.. It’s a great experience walk alone in Kuala Lumpur, but I hate being alone now, hate the feeling of lonely.. Haha.. Finally our house buy a water filter already.. We all don’t have to spend money and time to buy RO water already.. Hehe.. I undertake installing the pipe.. Big project.. Finally no need suffer due to RO machine problem.. Huhu..

Pure Tech.. cost RM198..

Finally, lecturer room in main campus is done and FKM & FKEE students going Pekan study and finally I can experience going school by bus.. 3 8 le.. Haha.. Actually not that happy because have to wake up earlier to prepare and sit 1 hours plus journey, some more the bus is in bad condition.. First day give me the bad impression already because the bus I take don’t have no air-condition and nearly want break down in half way of journey.. After 1 week operational, I heard that some bus reach ultimate already because some have to stop service and repairing.. Haha.. Imagine yourself, what bus they provided.. I'm tired because have to climb staircase, but I the next day I used lift already.. Hope can used always.. Hehe.. At last, i feel disappointed because some people do not appreciate, they smoking in toilet, dirty up the toilet and etc.. Bastard..

FKM, UMP.. Campus Pekan

Picture adapted from KC's blogspot.. This is the bus..

Last day of PC fair in my hometown, I manage to go and buy something.. Plan to buy 2Gb RAM but too expensive then change to buy a headset because my headset broken long time ago but haven’t buy a new one, 4Gb pendrive to replace my 2 pendrive which i don’t know when get lost.. Haha.. So careless..

New pendrive & Headset

H1N1 encroach.. Many school or university have been shut down for a week.. My University joining them close a week for guard against students get infection.. There is some students have been quarantine included my neighbour.. Scary, don’t know I get influent o not? I got symptom of H1N1 for several days, but now ok a bit, left cough haven recover.. Haiz.. My 1 week holiday end without doing anything, just sleep rest eat and also marathon-ing movie all the time.. Haha..

Take good care of urself, my friends

Sean a bit mad recently.. Don't know what inside his mind.. A bit confusing.. A bit disorder.. Don't know what should i do.. So scary this feeling, really helpless.. Haiz.. Just like getting sea wave come again and again, can't do anythings..

So Messssssssssssy..


Starbucks said...

wa ur 1 post=my 5 post..

SeaN said...

Hehe.. Long time din update already.. One shoot settle it..

Anonymous said... word i can use to describe only....COMPRESSION....this one should be no more 2 in 1 or 3 in 1, should be more than that much....

SeaN said...

lol.. Not compression, jz summary only.. Hehe.. Life a bit dull, messy and busy recently, wan write consider ok jo.. Hehe..

justmeannie said...

wah very compresive wor its like 9 part it a blog.

SeaN said...

Hmm.. no comment.. i admit im lazy update.. Haha..

jamie patata said...

hey....finally get 2 read ur blog again so glad that ur uni life are so meaningful.Now im busy handling my dissertation headache....
jia you jia you

SeaN said...

lol.. meaningful? now only back to normal, a lot stuff have to do yet i still relaxing.. Gonna crazy soon.. Somemore suffering go new campus study.. Exhaustion!!! Wer is your blog, update update.. So nice that u can graduate soon, me stil have long way to go.. T.T BTW, take care and gambateh oo.. ^^v